Belgrade For Kids

Information about activities for kids in and around Belgrade


Hi, I’m Dudi! Welcome to Belgrade!

I moved with my family to Belgrade in 2021.
I could easily realize my love for traveling in Serbia, thanks to its beautiful country, comfortable and easy to travel and full of attractions.
What particularly captured me was the love of Serbs for children. They extraordinarily love children, and in Belgrade, there are many options for what you can do with children in the city.
I would be happy to share the magical places we discovered, mainly in Belgrade and throughout Serbia.
The goal is that anyone interested in traveling in Belgrade can easily build a route for themselves or choose an activity that suits them.
I hope you will fall in love with Belgrade as we did…

Dudi Zohar

Dudi likes trips in the city and in nature. Loves to explore new places together with her family. You are invited to join a magical journey.



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