Girl getting wet in a fountain

Fountains West 65

If you are in the West 65 complex, in the Viva gymboree or in the pool – you can go outside to the center of

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War Island

You can only get to War Island only in the summer months. Around the months of July and August, Serbia puts a floating military bridge,

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Bazeni Banjica

A very large municipal pool, outside there are 2 large pools and inside there is one large pool. There is a discounted family price.Please note

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Hollywood Land

Hollywood Land – A cute Aqua Park located in Ledine, just past Novi Beograd, not so far from the Airport. In the Aqua Park there

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Fruske Terme Hotel

I would like to recommend the amazing hotel in Fruska Gora called Fruske Terme. This place is perfect for kids! They have a lot of

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S-Club water park

The S-Club water park is amazing place! We went there with friends in the weekend and we all had a great time! What I like

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