Kalemegdan is such a vast and enchanting place that you can keep discovering every time you return.

This time, we parked above Beton Hall in the parking area (horturl.at/JSX13) and walked over the pasarela straight to the lower part of Kalemegdan. Instead of taking the stairs, we turned left towards Mali (small) Kalemegdan.

There are many historical remains all around. This time, we chose to ascend the romantic path. Along the way, we came across a charming little Orthodox church called Ruzica. As we passed by, we could hear beautiful music emanating from the church, adding to the overall romantic atmosphere.

We continued up through the gate, walking between two tall walls, which led us to the open-air military museum. From there, we proceeded to the Dino Park and further on to the center of Kalemegdan, where a food festival was taking place. It will last until the end of this weekend.

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