Topcider Park

During one of my husband’s runs, he stumbled upon a beautiful park with puddles and thought it would be a great place for all of us to visit.

We ventured to Topcider Park with the girls on their scooters. Along the way, we encountered a substantial puddle teeming with frogs, and the girls’ joy knew no bounds. The frogs came in various shades, including brown, green, with spots, and without, varying in size from giant to small. It was a veritable celebration of amphibians!

Next, we took a ride on a horse-drawn carriage. While it may be considered somewhat “touristy,” we were the only foreigners present, and the girls were delighted to sit on the charioteer’s seat.

The park offered a wealth of attractions, including trampolines, ice cream, cotton candy, and small electric cars for kids. Naturally, my girls couldn’t resist taking a ride on the cars a few times.

We paused for a snack while sitting on the grass, and the girls seized the opportunity to climb the nearby trees.

Eventually, we stumbled upon an outdoor playground attached to a restaurant. It’s incredibly pleasant to dine while watching the girls play right next to you.

Following our time at the playground, we embarked on a short hike through the forest, tracing a path alongside a stream.

The entire forest is crisscrossed with numerous paths suitable for walking on foot or cycling.

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