We ventured to Deliblato, a nature reserve featuring what appeared to be a hotel at its center. Given that this is Serbia, it came as no surprise that there was also a restaurant and a place to rent bicycles. Unfortunately, there were no child-sized bikes or seats available, which wasn’t relevant to our group.

The reserve is crisscrossed with marked and color-coded walking trails. Initially, we embarked on the blue trail, but we quickly encountered a rather unfriendly dog that began barking at us. We decided to backtrack, but Yonny, undeterred, decided to give it another shot. As he approached the dog, another canine joined in the commotion. Faced with this unexpected challenge, we decided to return to the restaurant.

Our next choice was the green trail, which led deep into the forest, away from any residences with hostile dogs. We discovered a stunning and diverse trail, beginning with sandy paths, transitioning to solid ground, and eventually leading us into the heart of the forest. The changing terrain was a sight to behold.

Throughout our journey, we encountered a variety of wildlife, from vibrant green lizards to snails, grasshoppers, and countless butterflies. The entire trail spanned 3.5 kilometers, and despite the sweltering heat, our little adventurers completed it. While Roni Marie took a break on Yonny’s shoulders for a bit, she also managed to cover most of the trail on her own. Ori Adina, as usual, was remarkable, seemingly having the easiest time among us.

Remarkably, we encountered no other hikers along the entire trail. After our fulfilling hike, we returned to the restaurant, tired but content. We were delighted to find ice-cold juice for less than 1 EUR per bottle. It’s worth noting that even in the wilderness, Serbia offers affordable options.

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