The Skakaonica playground is situated on a boat, moored along the Belgrade Promenade!

The centerpiece of this playground is a vast soft play trampoline complex, featuring an array of challenges, such as obstacle jumping, basketball, a trampoline that reaches up to the wall, and a button-pressing game that requires jumping. In addition, there’s a sponge pool with a balancing beam for crossing, as well as two high jumping platforms leading to a large inflatable mattress.

This is a suitable place for spending an hour of fun. It’s open to those aged 3 and above. It’s worth noting that they maintain stringent safety procedures, including having visitors sign a risk statement, watching a safety video before entry, and having a guide conduct a warm-up session and oversee jumping on a separate trampoline. While these precautions are important for safety, they may affect the overall enjoyment of the experience.

The price of admission is also relatively high, at 1,000 RSD per person for a 30-minute session, which includes the necessary socks.

Overall, the girls enjoyed the visit, but it’s primarily focused on trampolines.

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