Zornica Kuca

I warmly recommend Zornica Kuca, a charming farm worth visiting. The farm is home to a variety of animals, including rabbits, goats, chickens, doves, pigs, ducks, and swans. Horseback riding is also available, and the girls had the opportunity to ride the horses. However, the animal that excited them the most was the farm dog.

Zornica Kuca occupies a vast and picturesque area with breathtaking views of lush, pristine landscapes. The surroundings are incredibly green and well-maintained. There’s a restaurant on the premises with a delightful outdoor seating area. Adjacent to the restaurant, you’ll find a spacious picnic area equipped with blankets and low tables. A bar is available where you can order food and have it packed into a picnic basket. Yonny ensured our allergy concerns were addressed, and we enjoyed a delicious picnic basket. He was especially thrilled and declared Zornica Kuca as his favorite place in Serbia.

The farm also offers a large sandbox and a play area for children. Although there was animation for kids, it was conducted in Serbian, so our girls did not participate. Nevertheless, it seemed that other kids thoroughly enjoyed it.

Zornica Kuca is a dog-friendly establishment, making it an all-around delightful place to visit.

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