Promenade “Novi Belgrade”

On the outskirts of Novi Belgrade, along the banks of the Sava River, you’ll find a delightful promenade. This scenic walkway is situated in proximity to block 70, block 44, and block 45, making it an ideal spot for children to ride their bicycles and scooters.

As you traverse this boardwalk, you’ll be treated to the sight of lush trees and a verdant park, with benches strategically placed for moments of reprieve. The promenade also offers “cplab” restaurants that sit right by the water, as well as food stands. Occasionally, there are attractions for children, like inflatables, adding to the enjoyment of the area.

The view from this promenade is simply stunning, and the atmosphere is incredibly pleasant for a leisurely stroll. While it may not be a bustling tourist hotspot, its charm and allure make it a hidden gem.

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