I want to share our experience of the trip we took to Zlatibor in the hope that it will be helpful to those planning a trip to this area.

Day 1: We began our journey to Zlatibor from Belgrade, and on the way, we made a stop at an intriguing cave called Petnicka Pecina near Valjevo. This cave stands above a small river and features faces engraved in the stone on its walls. As we entered the cave, a staircase led us deeper inside, though it was quite dark. Despite the darkness, we mustered the courage to ascend the stairs and discovered an exit that led to the forest. In the forest, a winding trail guided us back to the cave’s entrance. From there, we continued to Zlatibor, where we rented a lovely Airbnb apartment called Zova. It’s located slightly outside the center, but we enjoyed the quiet neighborhood and the beautiful view. Another perk of this apartment is its proximity to a small farm with friendly animals you can pet, making it the perfect place to start each morning.

Day 2: Zlatibor boasts a large cable car that departs from the center of Zlatibor Village and takes you to Tornik Peak. The ride takes about 30 minutes one way. At Tornik, you’ll find a variety of attractions, including a mountain coaster (where you can control the speed), a zip line (for those weighing between 20 kg and 90 kg), an adventure park (for those over 1.30 m tall), an inflatable castle for jumping, and an open cable car that transports skiers during the winter. We took the cable car to the peak, where we enjoyed an amazing view and had some tea (note that only drinks are available, no food). Afterward, we returned to the city center and strolled along the pedestrian area, where a charming lake is surrounded by restaurants and food stands offering waffles, hot dogs, popcorn, and more. There’s also a Mini Luna Park with a roller coaster, carousel, swing carousel, trampoline, and a horse riding place next door, featuring horses, ponies, and carriages.

Day 3: We drove 40 minutes to Stopicka Pecina (Stopic Cave), an amazing cave filled with small pools created by salt and stalactites. We then proceeded to an old village transformed into an open-air museum called Sirogojno. The village consists of scattered wooden houses, each serving as a small exhibit showcasing the way people lived in the past. In the center of the settlement, there’s a restaurant serving traditional food.

Day 4: Dino Park is a place where you can spend an entire day with attractions suitable for all ages. Some activities may be limited for very young children (like our 3 and 5-year-olds), such as the zip line, adventure park, mini golf, and quads. However, there are plenty of other activities, including a climbing wall, an Omega for the kids, small ATVs, slides with a wheel, a small zoo with goats, a talented makeup artist, and a sandbox containing dinosaur bones to be excavated. Additionally, you’ll find moving dinosaur statues throughout the park. Inside, there are two restaurants and small games for children while parents dine. There’s also a large gymboree outside, although it was closed for renovations during our visit.

Day 5: We decided to go hiking, and it turned out to be a great choice, especially with the cloudy weather. We headed to Zlatibor’s peak, which is situated on a high mountain within the town. Initially, we planned to park near the dinosaurs, but it turned out that we had to park near the hospital. This led us on a pleasant hike through a stunning forest and a residential neighborhood. At the mountain, we found a wide paved path that is suitable for strollers, or you can choose to walk along the ground. Along the ascent, we encountered stalls of local producers (we purchased honey), various amusements, and, at the top, a breathtaking view that reminded us of New Zealand. There’s also a chalet with a restaurant and numerous wooden chairs outside for resting and taking in the 360-degree view. Children were flying kites at the top, making it a truly magical place.

On the sixth day, we made our way back to Belgrade. Zlatibor is a resort town that’s most active during the ski season and the summer for tourism. It’s a picturesque place surrounded by forests and mountains, offering affordable attractions and food, just like the rest of Serbia. With several supermarkets and a multitude of restaurants, you can easily enjoy your time there. I highly recommend it!

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