Belgrade for Kids

Serbia is a very surprising destination! All in all, it is a country that is in Eastern Europe and does not get the glory it deserves. The flight there is short, about two and a half hours, the living is very cheap, the food is delicious, there are many attractions for children, there is no shortage of history here and the view is amazing!!!
We moved to Belgrade a year ago and since then we are only falling in love with Serbia more and more.
This time we went on a circular wandering trip in Eastern Serbia for 4 days. We are a couple plus 6 and 4 year old girls. We went at the end of April – at the height of spring and everything was covered in gorgeous green!
I’m sharing our route with you, although there is so much more to see and you can sew any route you want and it will still be full of goodies.

Day 1:
First stop – Smederbo, an impressive and beautiful fortress sitting on the banks of the Danube River. We paid an entrance fee of 300 rsd for the four of us and entered the citadel. We climbed the walls and it was a lovely experience! The citadel is in a beautiful green park and you can take a walk along the promenade that parallels the Danube.
From the citadel we walked around the city center. We arrived at a pedestrian mall that was flooded with stalls – popcorn, ice cream, corn, etc… restaurants and cafes and most importantly there were white jeeps. What a lovely town!!

Second stop – we continued to Silver Lake and discovered a really magical place! This is a part of the Danube that turned it into a kind of lake. Around it there are beaches equipped with chairs and umbrellas and a promenade full of restaurants and stalls. There are also hotels and apartments right on the lake.
Of course we paddled the boats and had dinner in a restaurant with a crazy view. From there you can see amazing green mountains right across the Danube – this is Romania!
There was an area at the lake for camping and caravans. Really cute place and there’s no doubt we’ll be back there in the summer!
We sleep in a small, simple and charming room complex in the style of knights. The whole room was decorated accordingly and it was also an experience! In the morning we sat with the owners of the apartment who said that the husband built everything himself for 8 years…

Day 2:
First stop – Golubec fortress. This is one of the most impressive fortresses there is! It also lies on the banks of the Danube. It has been amazingly restored! Full of stairs and tracks in it. In a very un-Serbian way, the fort is maintained to a very high standard and has many people who work there and guide the visitors. The fort has 3 routes: green – which is suitable for families, blue and black – the climb to the towers includes a steep climb and is therefore open from the age of 18. My husband and daughters went to the green route and I to the blue route which also includes the green. It is important to note that for the blue and black track it is mandatory to wear pants and sports shoes! And they entertain it! Children under the age of 7 do not pay. Entrance to the green route costs 600 rsd and the blue route 1000 rsd. In my opinion, the green route is completely sufficient.
Inside the fort’s compound there were positions for shooting arrows, petting falcons, a tea station and other interesting plants, metallic knightly clothing that you can put on such as metal helmets and special metal gloves.

Second stop – a waterfall on the road. The Serbs fill bottles and drink from it, we preferred to take pictures with it…

Third stop – the Museum of Ancient Man. If it wasn’t on the road, I would be really upset. Because it’s right on the road – so not bad. It was very disappointing because the mansion consists of one very fascinating but tiny room with remains of bones and sculpted stones found there. The rest of the museum is the area where the village was. What I liked the most was the way there. Serbs are not afraid of walking and there is a walk from the parking lot to the museum, along the Danube between trees and the truth is that this path is lovely! Opposite, on the Romanian side, there is a tall and impressive mountain, so at least the view was beautiful.
What was really, really fun about this day’s drive – undoubtedly the endless tunnels that were on the way! With us it’s a real experience, we have a game that takes your breath away every time you enter the tunnel and you have to hold it until the end (a game from my childhood since they opened the tunnel road for us) which made the trip an experience for the girls!
At night we slept in a town called Bor.

Day 3:
First stop – Bogovina Cave is simply maddeningly beautiful!! We got to the place where we couldn’t go and saw that the gate was closed. I didn’t want to give up and we called all the numbers on the board. After very long minutes, the guide came out of the cave with a small group he was guiding. It’s really lucky that we didn’t give up, because we got a private tour with another couple, in a cave full of formations of stalactites, sentinels and other natural wonders, in a cave that is about 6 km long!!! crazy!! Of course we only walked a part of it… the cave is active and all dripping water on its visitors and areas with completely clear water have been created. We even saw fresh tracks of a fox!
The cave is really impressive and worth going there!

Second stop – Lazar Cave. It turns out that we arrived at a huge happening that was in the nature reserve of the cave. Full of stalls of all good things – honey, flowers, cheeses, sausages, ice creams, grandma’s hair, grilled pork, jewelry and what not… Jesus and be happy! And in the restaurant opposite a live performance. We walked a bit in the reserve, met a viper snake, the girls rode horses, ate grandma’s hair and received a balloon. In return, they were patient for the waiting time until it was our turn to enter the cave.
The cave was very beautiful, although the first one was so much more impressive and less touristy compared to the carnival that went on here, but it was also charming and overall we really enjoyed the whole experience which we did not expect at all! If I refer only to the cave, there is no doubt that Bugovina is a million times more impressive and I would skip it in favor of other caves that should be really impressive in the area.
We slept the night in a place we hadn’t planned, because the hotel we wanted was on a jeep trail, so from the moment we changed to the RTB Club hotel, which was a pleasant surprise!

4th and last day:
First stop – we went for a walk around the hotel which was located on a stream. We found frogs, stunning lizards, a cute dog, lots of greenery and cute lizards.


Second stop – the Nature Museum in Svilinač. The museum turned out to be a very successful surprise!!! Half of the museum is inside a building and half outside – full of huge statues of dinosaurs that are excellently made! Also there inside the volcano is a room that explains volcanoes and lava. There was a children’s play area with a craft station, baby dinosaurs to climb on, a sandbox and dinosaur games. The restaurant there was really delicious!! I highly recommend the museum, which is an hour from Belgrade!

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