North Serbia

Northern Serbia is a beautiful and magical region. Next to the border with Hungary is a small town called Subotica. The city center is built in an old Hungarian style – the buildings on the pedestrian street are beautiful.
Another very interesting point in the city is the synagogue. I have never seen such a beautiful synagogue! It looks like a palace from a Disney movie. A very special and colorful structure, definitely worth seeing!
Adjacent to Subotica is a small town called Palin which is adjacent to the lake. Around the lake you will find restaurants and a walking trail.
You can combine a trip to Subotica-Palic-Frushka Gora and Novi Sad.
Soon a train station for the high-speed train from Belgrade to Subotica will open, which will make the city accessible and it will be possible to reach it even on a day trip!

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