Park forest Zvezdara

We visited Zvezdara Park Forest, also known as Zvezdarska Suma. Waze directed us to a charming restaurant near the forest’s entrance. The location is entirely kid-friendly, complete with a mini zoo featuring parrots, turtles, and more. The forest appeared to be a fantastic place to explore. However, as we ventured deeper into the woods, two intimidating dogs suddenly appeared out of nowhere, forcing us to hastily retreat to our car.

We decided to explore a different part of the park, where we stumbled upon the Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade. The sight of a bustling parking area reassured us. The observatory featured a tower offering a breathtaking view of Belgrade and the Danube River.

Our adventure led us down a narrow forest path. Within the picnic area, there was sports equipment, a playground, and numerous picnic tables. In summary, the view from the tower was truly spectacular, and this spot serves as a pleasant location for a picnic, but not much more than that.

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