Park Košutnjak

We love traveling to the enchanting Park Košutnjak, a vast forest situated on the outskirts of Belgrade in the area known as Banovo Brdo, not far from our home.

One delightful surprise was the discovery of a circular walking trail atop the hill. This trail is covered with a soft surface, similar to what you’d find on a playground, making it truly enjoyable to walk on. The trail is surrounded by the magnificent forest, and to make the experience even more exciting, outdoor workout equipment has been placed along the trail.

We observed people of all ages walking, running, and pausing for quick workouts. Of course, there are a few restaurants nearby, which also means there’s a playground in the vicinity. We encountered several food stands and couldn’t resist buying some hot corn. It was delightful to see the girls embracing their inner ninjas, climbing and playing with the exercise racks.

While on the trail, we spotted a large wooden pirate ship that doubles as a fantastic playground. As if that weren’t enough, in the background, we noticed a massive climbing wall. We decided to pay 400 RSD for an hour of climbing, with a private guide for Ori Adina, and she was absolutely thrilled!

All in all, Park Košutnjak is a truly magical place for family fun. For your navigation app, simply enter “Hotel Trim.”

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