BORA Lavirint

girls in a maze

Yesterday, thinking it would be a relatively cool day, we decided to take a trip to Batocina and explore the amazing maze we discovered online.

This place offers a variety of activities:

  1. A vast maze with walls created from carefully pruned bushes and a concrete floor. I strongly suggest taking photos of your path to avoid getting lost (there are entrance signs). You can also request a red flag from the staff in case you need assistance. In the center of the maze, there is a tower with a staff member who can provide directions.
  2. Kids can have a blast in the inflatable castle, available in various shapes for jumping, climbing, and sliding.
  3. An extensive trampoline area provides plenty of fun for all ages.
  4. A unique feature here is the Hobbit House, and we were informed that they plan to build Elsa’s Ice Castle and a ski area.
  5. When the weather gets too hot, there’s a small indoor play area to escape the heat.
  6. For those who enjoy mini golf, there’s a dedicated area to practice your putting skills.

I highly recommend visiting this place, though I’d advise avoiding extreme weather conditions. The entrance fee is 650 rsd per person, and the place is called BORA Lavirint.

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