Bazen 25.maj Pool

Since it’s summertime, one of the most popular activities for all of us is, of course, going to the swimming pool!

The first public swimming pool we visited is Bazen 25.maj, located in Dorcol.

We really like this place because it has three outdoor swimming pools:

  • A shallow kiddie pool
  • A medium-depth pool
  • An Olympic-size pool

Around the Olympic pool, there are concrete tribunes. This is clever because this way you can watch the pool and have some privacy. There are also sunbeds with adjustable shades, but you have to pay extra to use them. In the corner, there are some pergolas where you can sit and enjoy the shade for free.

The facility has two ice cream stands, a food area offering items like hot dogs, chicken, coffee, cold drinks, and sandwiches.

Inside the building, there are numerous changing rooms. Showers are available around the pool, but they are not private.

There is also an indoor pool, but it’s not open all the time, so you have to call and ask for the schedule. Next to the indoor pool, there is a spa area with a private pool and sauna, and they charge separately for those facilities.

You can park your car in the public garage outside.

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